Get To Know Deadbeats: Blanke


This week we got a chance to get to know Australian bass producer, Blanke.  The up and coming DJ has worked with some of the best - from touring with Illenium, to collaborating with Rezz and 1788-L, and creating a banger remix of RL Grime’s ‘Pressure’,  Blanke has quickly become a buzzing name. His latest release, ALT.COLOUR // VOICE IN THE MACHINE is a two-track EP which embodies Blanke’s signature futuristic style and glitchy sound.  If you have not listened to it yet, DO IT. I promise you won’t regret it. Keep reading to get to know Blanke!

Hey Blanke! Where in the world are you right now and what have you been up to this month?

Blanke: Hey guys! Right now I'm in beautiful Vancouver for a show and a few days off, it’s brisk and on the verge of snowing, I’m LOVING it. This past month has been great, I’ve been to Hawaii for a festival with Illenium, spent some time in the studio with 1788-L and Tynan when they were both in Sydney, played a DOPE show in Brisbane with 1788-L AND had a mix air on Annie Nightingale’s show BBC Radio 1.


Tell us your inspiration behind ALT.COLOUR // VOICE IN THE MACHINE EP.

Blanke: Everything I’ve been making has kind of been leading up to this EP. VOICE IN THE MACHINE started as a demo about a year ago and ALT.COLOUR came together in about a week.  I think it’s a really good representation of where I'm at right now musically and sonically. Sound design has been a big focus for me lately, as well as songwriting and melody. This is just another step in the right direction of where I want my art to be.


How long did it take you to find a signature style you were happy with, and how did your early works affect your current style?

Blanke: A long time. I’ve always felt like heavy, loud, energetic yet melodic, beautiful music was what i wanted to produce. It’s just taken some time to be truly happy with it. I don't think that pursuit will ever stop. There will always be something to improve on. Right now melody and songwriting will continue to be my focus as I want to skilfully incorporate them into my work. To masterfully blend darkness with light is my artistic aim I suppose.


What is your favourite city in Australia?

Blanke: Each city has its charm, but Melbourne is my favourite. It has so much class and culture and a distinct character. A lot of my family live there also so that might have something to do with it. I’m originally from Queensland so I really resonate with places like the Sunshine Coast too. The weather and the coastal vibe there is unbeatable.


According to your Instagram, you have a green thumb which is pretty cool.  What got you into gardening and what is your favourite plant you’ve grown?

Blanke: About a year or so ago, I was given a book called ‘Grown and Gathered’ which is basically a beautifully put together guide to self-sustainability and wholesome living in modern circumstances. It made me more aware of how we are living and what we are eating/putting into our bodies and how easy (sort of) and fulfilling it is to grow your own food. Ever since then i was addicted to it and how grounding it was to grow my own plants and i found that really useful in contrast with my music production. My favourite plant is my Black Opal basil plant because of its vibrant colour and taste (and it hasn't died on me!!), i use it in so much of my cooking.


We, along with your fans, get pretty stoked when we see (blanke flip) in the title of a song.  Can you talk about your process when it comes to making flips?

Blanke: Haha thank you! I love doing those flips. They are honestly 100% fun, which i think is what makes them what they are. A lot of them are fairly spontaneous, and they come together quickly because there isn’t any pressure on me when making them. I get to experiment with them too and it’s nice because if it sucks, it sucks, and that’s fine i can just try distorting the hell out of something else haha.


You’ve worked with some amazing artists such as Rezz and 1788-L. How was working with them? Who do you want to collab with next?

Blanke: Everyone I’ve collaborated with have actually been amazing humans. 1788-L and I work really well together because we have similar visions and techniques. We both gain so much inspiration from the other which means we are more fearless creating together and can really throw some crazy ideas around… and somehow make them work! Rezz has an amazing personality and was super easy to work with because of her solid vision for her work. We were on a call almost everyday haha I definitely had a little fanboy moment the first time her number rang. I’ve learnt from collaborating that working with someone with a good energy and being able to learn from the other is key. 13, Shadient, Krayysh, i_o, Ekali, Jaron, Feed Me, Seven Lions, Illenium, are all artists i aspire to. Would love to work with them one day.


What is the most annoying thing in the world?


“Your start-up disk is almost full”

“Ableton Live Quit Unexpectedly”


Thank you Blanke! Any last words?

Blanke: Big THANK YOU for working with me. It’s been a goal of mine to release on Deadbeats and I’m so grateful you saw something in my little vision. Stay hydrated and eat your vegetables.

Listen to ALT.COLOUR // VOICE IN THE MACHINE EP, out now on Deadbeats.

Listen here

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