Get To Know Deadbeats: Champagne Drip



When it comes to genres, there does not seem to be one that fits Los Angeles based producer Sam Pool, more commonly known as Champagne Drip.  He makes everything from bass-heavy headbangers, to feel-good tunes that make you want to dance. While no two of his tracks sound alike, they all share his signature glitchy, futuristic sounds and hard basslines.  What ever style he produces, we dig - which is why we are stoked to bring him to Minneapolis this Friday! Champagne Drip has been a part of the Deadbeats fam since the beginning - with two EPs on Deadbeats, a feature track on Deadbeats Compilation 2, and a guest mix on Deadbeats Radio.  Can you tell we’re a fan? Read on to get to know Champagne Drip!

What is your favourite brand of Champagne?

Champagne Drip: I usually go with Veuve Clicquot at my shows but sometimes if I’m celebrating off of the road I go for Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rose.  It’s not technically Champagne but it’s French and it’s more delicious than many Champagnes.

When and where was the first set you played? What was it like?

Champagne Drip: I played at a rave in an unused retail space when I was 16.  I fucked up a lot of mixes and it probably wasn’t that great.  I learned a lot though and made a lot of progress before the next time I played.

Do you ever get ‘writer's block’ when making music and what do you do to overcome it?

Champagne Drip: I do, sometimes I sit down in front of Ableton and messing with music software is the last thing I want to do.  I try to push through though, sometimes great things have happened when I gave it effort anyways. Even if I write a dud or two, it’s still practice and still good for me.  I have learned that having discipline is one of the most rewarding things.

What is the funniest/strangest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

Champagne Drip: I got pantsed once when playing in Vienna.  It wasn’t a full pants so it wasn’t too embarrassing.  Recently I played a game of “what are the odds” with Nate from Warpath Group (the artist management company that I work with).  I was dared to leave a dildo on stage at the end of my set at “Painted Forest” festival. Needless to say, I unfortunately lost this game of “what are the odds”. Eliminate was playing after me, he didn’t notice that a large maroon dong was on the DJ table during his whole set. Sullivan King was on after him and noticed immediately and knocked it off the table. I told Eliminate afterwards and he was a good sport about it.  I blame Nate really.

You have been open about the keto diet on your Twitter - what is your favorite keto friendly food/recipe you could recommend to those of us struggling to give up carbs?

Champagne Drip: I really love steak, I’ve been subscribing to Butcher Box which is a delivery service that offer grass-fed beef (they aren’t paying me to say this).  I try to lean into the healthy fat thing, I eat avocados, olive oil, macadamia nuts and I try to cook with grass-fed butter or organic tallow. When at home I eat really simple foods such as eggs, cheese, meat, green veggies, I don’t get tired of this, it feels really natural and makes my body and mind feel amazing.  When I’m on the road I rely on intermittent fasting to skip meals and when I have to grab something on the go, I reach for buffalo wings or burgers sans-bun. Pepperoni and certain charcuteries and cheese make good snacks or small meals. The tricky thing with keto is that you have to be strict about it for it to work but it’s so effective and feels so great that it motivates me to stick with it.

Catch Champagne Drip this Friday, August 3rd at Deadbeats Minneapolis!

Tickets can be purchased here

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