Get To Know Deadbeats: LICK


In anticipation of his debut Deadbeats show, we got a chance to catch up with LICK in an exclusive interview.  Hailing from Arizona, LICK was noticed by Zeds Dead for his intense, bass-heavy tunes and dark energy. Following his first Deadbeats release, PUSH, he recently released his edgy two-track REVOLT EP which truly showcases his talent.  Keep reading to get to know LICK!

What was the first song you heard that got you interested in making music?

LICK: Yo DEADBEATS! Thanks for having me on this interview. So excited for this upcoming tour! My roots bring me back to drum and bass. Pendulum to be exact. It was not the genre I started with, but it fuelled my creativity. I may be working on a DNB project right now. :P

Congrats on the REVOLT EP! What is your relationship with CUBED? What was the inspiration behind the EP art and the visuals for 11PM?

LICK: Thanks! The support on REVOLT has been incredible. I had the pleasure of having my friend Cubed on this EP. We’ve been homies for a while and talked about collaborating for a couple of years but never came around to it, but it finally happened and now its on DEADBEATS! The inspiration behind 11PM was infusing raw electronic sounds with a cinematic twist. Time still runs its course in our darkest hours in our life, and 11PM is a perfect representation of the tracks vision.

If you could produce music for any video game, which would you choose? What video game has the best soundtrack in your opinion?

LICK: If i could make music for any video game it would have to be God of War. The suspense, emotion, and anger poured out from the character KRATOS could lead to multiple styles of production. My favorite video game soundtrack is from Call of Duty: MODERN WARFARE 2. Hans Zimmer is one of the most talented composers of our time and has been a huge inspiration to me.

What is your favorite drink?

LICK: it starts with T and ends with equila. Also... Taro Boba. I need to add that to the rider.

Where is somewhere in your hometown you think everyone should visit?

LICK: If we were to do something, I would probably take you on a hike and go to Antelope Canyon. It’s one of the most mesmerising landmarks I’ve seen. Also I would take you for ramen. Specifically at SUSHI ROKU. Shoutout to them for taking all my money.

Deadbeats SLC is right around the corner! What can we expect from your set? Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing or meeting on your Deadbeats Tour dates?

LICK: SLC DEADBEATS means so much to me. To be apart of the tour within 6 months with the label is something I hold closely to my heart. Setting foot on the Deadbeats stage will be something I will remember for life. I am stoked to hang out with the deadbeats family and fans. Expect a ton of new ID’s and collabs and remixes during my set. Be prepared. This is just the beginning…

Catch LICK this Saturday, June 9th at Deadbeats SLC.

Tickets are available here

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