Get To Know Deadbeats: Sippy


Today we get to catch up with Sippy, an up and coming producer and DJ from Sydney, Australia.  She is featured on We Are Deadbeats Compilation Volume 3 with her track ‘Lithos’ - a fun track that proves she is a bass queen.  Keep reading to get to know Sippy and keep her on your radar in 2019

How did you get the name Sippy?

Sippy: It was a nickname that I (regretfully) secured during my first year at University. It was my birthday at a Uni bonding night, and everyone sang the typical Aussie skulling (chugging) song “here’s to Laura, she’s true blue...” - I went to chug my drinks and well, lets just say it took long enough for me to have been ordained with the name SIPPY for life! When it came to choosing a name it only made sense, more people know me as Sippy, and now - everyone calls me that, all of my friends etc - if anyone calls me Laura, I know we’re not friends haha.

What was the first track you heard that got you interested in making music?

Sippy: I hate to sound like an Aussie clichè - but when I heard Flume’s Hyperparadise remix the whole concept of production really started to make sense to me, and it was that point that I decided that I wanted to learn. I was a musician and composer at school, but only ever worked with live instruments, and I think that track showed me the possibilities when it comes to making music digitally.

What is your favourite venue or festival you’ve played?

Sippy: I think one of my favourite live moments was when Bear Grillz got me up on stage at Lost Lands this year and played one of my unreleased tracks. I have never seen that many people in one place in one time, I was so nervous! And as soon as the drop hit and I saw how into it everyone was I wanted to cry! But other than that my favourite venues to play have been in my home town Sydney, Australia. Chinese Laundry and The World Bar - I love playing at both of these venues. They’re small venues but the crowd is always incredible!

If you could work with any artist dead or alive who would that be?

Sippy: There’s 2 (and they’re definitely not the ones you’d expect!). I would LOVEEEE to work with Hans Zimmer - I come from a more classical orchestral background when it comes to composition and am so fascinated with how he creates such emotive pieces. And also Bon Iver - his newest album especially has had me so inspired. I love seeing how he uses some pretty unorthodox techniques that in some circumstances would be considered “wrong” and somehow makes them sound so right.

What was the inspiration behind your track Lithos?

Sippy: I actually wrote Lithos during a recent trip to LA. I was actually working on another track of mine, I had the drums and sub solo’ed and was suddenly inspired to create a whole new track starting with just the sub and the drums. I was just really loving the stompy, headbanging feel to the track - so that was really the driving force of it all, something that people could really headbang to, the rest kind of all fell in to place.

What is your favourite song to drop while performing?

Sippy: At the moment there’s 2 (well technically 3). In a lot of my sets I do a double drop of Choppas - Space Laces and Getter with Wayzo - Kayzo and Wuki - it always gets an awesome reaction from the crowd and just gets me super pumped. And the other I can’t go past is Kaiju - Space Laces. This is an absolute BANGER!

What do you love to do in your spare time besides music?

Sippy: I’m really into sport and fitness - I play Premier League touch football and enjoy going to the gym and staying fit and active. I’m also an avid snowboarder, I LOVE going to the snow (maybe because we don’t have much of it in Aus haha) so any excuse to hit the slopes and I’m there.

What is your favourite drink?

Sippy: I hate to sound like a white girl, but I love champagne haha. When it comes to spirits - vodka is my go to, and Tequila is my absolute kryptonite.

What do you have planned for 2019?

Sippy: So f*n much! 2019 is time to finally start pumping out all of these tunes that I’ve been working on this year - and I can’t WAIT to share them all! I’ve locked myself away up until this point refining the craft and gathering inspiration, and now I’m ready to unleash myself onto the world! And I’m super keen to make my way over to the US this year!

Thank you Sippy! Any last words?

Sippy: Just that I’m so excited for everyone to see what else I have in store - excited to share my music and energy with the world!

Hear Sippy’s track, Lithos, on We Are Deadbeats Compilation Volume 3

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