Get To Know Deadbeats: Jaenga


Patrick McDevitt, aka Jaenga, aka ‘the guy with the purple bus’, just released his debut EP, ‘Toulambi’ on Deadbeats. Whether he’s releasing new music, touring around the world or throwing crazy parties from his decked out purple school bus, this free-spirited producer from Brooklyn does not seem to stop.  

‘Toulambi EP’ embodies Jaenga’s creativity and individuality. Starting with ‘Gravity’, a suspenseful tune that drops into a heavy-bass banger. ‘Monsters’ featuring Weekend Warriors, has a nostalgic dubstep / UK grime vibe to it.  ‘Toulambi Tribe’, is straight up heavy with old school dubstep sounds. Lastly, the EP ends with ‘Never Gonna’, a classic and melodic drum n bass track. Each track on the EP is unique in its own way and incorporates Jaenga’s style and creativity.

Read on to get to know Jaenga!

Congrats on the Toulambi EP! Can you talk about the inspiration behind it?

Jaenga: Thank you! It’s an interesting story actually. I spontaneously left NY out to Portland to get away for a bit. I hadn’t seen my brother in over a year, and I wanted get get some down time - rock climb, do some hikes, just kick it and catch up. We got onto these long talks about what it means to be human. What is actually necessary in our lives, and what can we do without. We hustle every day, but what’s it all about. Are the tools we have in our society helpful, or distractions from the ultimate goal.

One of the nights we were hanging, we got to talking about the Toulambi, a tribe from Papua New Guinea that were nearly completely isolated from the rest of the world. When presented with the outside world, they had no framework to understand it. They thought mirrors were portals to other worlds and matches the work of magic powers.

Bass music generally doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, but a message or idea doesn’t have to always be in the form of words. I wanted to write a piece that embodied the world of a human exposed to technology so advanced, they could barely perceive it. The EP has some extreme diversity in sounds, because this experience would be a tumultuous one.

What is your favorite track off the EP?

Jaenga: I would say Toulambi Tribe or Gravity.

What is the craziest story that has happened in your bus?

Jaenga: Oh man, what a loaded question. I would say this one time at this festival out in Jersey.

It was raining so hard that they had to shut down all the stages (including the bus stage). This was apocalyptic weather - lightning, flash flooding, kids running to their cars, tents collapsing, out in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere on a lake. The bus became a safe haven, kids pounding on the door to get let in. The power to the bus blew, so now it’s a bunch of random kids sitting in the dark with iPhone lights. We thought we’d just kick it and wait till the whole thing blew over - until this kid ran in saying the lake we were parked on was overflowing and the bus was beginning to become submerged.

Now remember, the bus is a stage, so we have a whole sound system, 40k generator and lights tied into the bus. It’s like 3 in the morning, everybody’s trashed, and I’m trying desperately to explain to all these kids how to take down everything so we could get the bus out of there before it becomes one with the lake. I’m not sure how it happened, but we somehow packed that thing up in 15 minutes flat. I fired the bus up, and got the hell out of there.

What’s next for the bus?

Jaenga: We’re currently planning the 2019 renegade bus tour. We’ll hit most of the same festivals as last year, but this time, expect some pretty dope upgrades and secret guests.

What is your favorite song to rock out to on the guitar?

Jaenga: Man, I would have to say Jimmy Hendrix - Hey Joe. I’ve been playing that tune since I was 18 and it never gets old. Classic American Rock/Blues.

Aside from music, what are some of your hobbies / things you enjoy in your spare time?

Jaenga: Driving to random towns. I’ll spend the day seeing what it’s all about - museums, hanging there for a day, hitting the bars, making new friends. I’ll usually find a cool spot and make music for a few hours.

There’s nothing wrong with routine - but life is short, and there so much to see out there. Shake it up a bit. We shut out new opportunities because of our past experiences. Not going out because nothing cool happened last time. Not committing to a relationship because it didn’t work out last time. Not trying new food because it tasted bad the last time.

A new experience can change your path forever. Waiting around never does you too much good.

What is your favorite drink?

Jaenga: Teavana all day. Keeps me going. Also, Johnny Walker Black Label. My buddy Jimmy put me onto it because it’s the only liquor you can get no matter where you are in the world so you always have your drink of choice.

What can we expect from your set at Deadbeats Detroit?

Jaenga: Straight heavy, bangin bass music. Throw some atmosphere in that there, some dnb. Also have a pretty out there music vid I may or may not slip in the set. It’s going to be awesome.

Thank you Jaenga! Any last words?

Jaenga: Tell someone you love them today.

Catch Jaenga at Deadbeats Detroit with Zeds Dead, Space Jesus and Joker on December 8th.

Tickets can be purchased here

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