Get To Know Deadbeats: GG Magree


You are probably well aware of the fact that we are huge fans of GG Magree.  Since Deadbeats first started, we have been releasing her tracks and bringing her on the road with us.  And if you ever have met her or watched her perform, you would understand why - her fun, lively personality and energetic stage presence set her apart.  She always puts on a crazy, genre-bending show you will never want to miss! The Aussie native is always on the go, touring around the globe and playing some of the biggest stages at world-renowned festivals.   With tracks like “One By One” and “Bodies”, two completely different vibes, GG constantly keeps her music exciting and different. She sings, she produces, she DJs and she has her own fashion label, Yeah Pussy.  This multi-talented creative is killin’ the game with no plans to stop. Read on to get to know GG Magree, and don’t miss her set at Deadbeats Las Vegas!

What is the craziest thing you have ever experienced at one of your shows?

GG: I see a lot of boobs lol but the craziest would probs have been a human totem pole of like 5 people. I was like “OMG STOP you are going to kill yourselves!”

What do you always need to have on your rider?

GG: Roseeeee baby and pita chips and hummus

You have such a vibrant stage present - how do you prepare for a set? Do you have any ‘before show rituals’ that you do?

GG: I text my manager and say “Oki 5 min till stage” and she says “YOU’RE A STAR” hahahahah

What was the first job you ever had?

GG: Mcdonalds, for 3 days before i got fired for giving my mum and brother free food

What was your very first DJ gig like?

GG: It was at a venue in Sydney called “Tank” and was 5am - 6am. The closing set. Every single one of my friends came to support me and I’m pretty sure I opened up with Beyonce - Diva.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

GG: Tasmanian devil - I’m skitz

What is the funniest/oddest thing a fan has gifted to you or said to you?

GG: Someone made a flag that says “Do u feel Sexy” I loved it!!! I actually saw it in the crowd and never saw it again :( so whoever you are who made that ILY <3

What is your dream collab?

GG: GG x ASAP Rocky x Skrillex

Tell us what the future has in store for Yeah Pussy!


What can we expect from your set at Deadbeats Las Vegas?

GG: I’ve been on the road for 4 weeks making new music babies along the way. New edits, a remix and maybe even a lil promo of my next single :)

Thanks so much GG!

GG: Love you Deadbeats ya’ll family to me! And as always stay Sexy xxx

Catch GG Magree this Friday, October 5th at Deadbeats Las Vegas with Zeds Dead, 1788-L and LICK.

Tickets here

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